Marley Environmental, Inc.

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Construction, Engineering & Inspection Services

For over 20 years MARLEY has bridged the gap between Contractors and Engineers — supporting Engineers and CMs during design and inspection, and Contractors during construction and remediation. Our current CEI markets include transportation (facilities, roads, and rail), water, stormwater and wastewater, Brownfields restoration, and Federal programs (RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA) supporting Primes on EPA, USACE, DOT, DOD, DOE funded projects.

Engineering & Inspection Services
Construction & Remediation Support

Engineering & Inspection Services

Having worked for large engineering and consulting firms prior to joining MARLEY, our staff understands how challenging it is to find competent DBEs who add value to the bottom line and don’t require constant supervision. Rest assured, if you assign MARLEY a task we will move mountains to provide your CEI Team with the best possible work product minus all the handwringing. We are happy to provide you with project references upon request.

MARLEY’s CEI experience runs the gamut, but on public sector projects we have supported Primes during design, bidding, pre-construction, construction, and project close-out. We typically support construction projects with an environmental component … for example preparation of plans and specifications related to impacted soil, groundwater, storm water, air, demolition and regulated building material (e.g., asbestos, lead base paint, liquid and non-liquid PCBs, universal waste, underground storage tanks, etc.).

Once the plans and specifications are complete, MARLEY has assisted with bid-package preparation and responding to prospective bidder’s questions. After the contract is awarded, we have reviewed environmental shop drawings and submittals, responded to Contractor RFIs, provided the Resident Engineer and Chief Inspector with field support, performed storm water inspections during construction activities, and developed environmental punch lists. We are also diligent about the requisite paperwork … i.e., daily reports, photodocumentation, equipment calibration, and document control.

Construction & Remediation Support

MARLEY caters to the cost-conscious Superintendent.  We have the expertise to prepare and submit required Plans and submittals to the Engineer or appropriate regulatory agency(s) on your behalf. If a discrepancy is noted in the bid/spec package, we will speak to the Engineer/Regulator on your behalf and either request clarification or propose a more cost-effective way of addressing or solving the problem.

Once all Plans and submittals are approved, MARLEY will train your field personnel to implement them. If need be, we will attend project meetings and interface with the Engineer and Regulator on your behalf. We can also compliment your field presence by providing field engineering, health & safety support, storm water inspections, and compliance audits.

Of course MARLEY is only a phone call away should changing site conditions warrant a Plan or Submittal revision, or perhaps something more complicated.  We have logged thousands of hours providing these services to Contractors who have successfully met their contract obligations on time and under budget.