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Environmental Due Diligence

MARLEY has performed more than its fair share of environmental site assessments and investigations throughout the country. Our clients range from residential homeowners who need their underground heating oil tank removed, to large industrial facilities burdened with substantial RCRA, TSCA, and CERCLA exposure.

Environmental Site Assessments & Investigations
Brownfield Restoration
NEPA EIS Support
Environmental Sampling

Environmental Site Assessments & Investigations

Environmental site assessments (ESA) and intrusive field investigations are a fact of life in today’s risk-saturated, litigation-prone business world. They are also becoming the law of the land as state legislatures enact measures mandating property transfer assessments before property can be bought or sold. ESA’s provide an in-depth, comprehensive look into a property’s past, present, and future, particularly as they pertain to existing and pending legislation and the potential for litigation.

MARLEY’s ASTM environmental assessment and investigation services establish a baseline for estimating what it will take, in terms of financial and technical resources, to bring a property into compliance with environmental regulations. We dig below the surface and beyond the obvious and identify potential issues or liabilities in order to better understand both the long- and short-term implications of your situation.

Recognizing that time is money, we apply a cost-effective and timely approach to environmental assessments. This three-phase approach allows you to proceed on a fast-track schedule while maintaining control of costs.

The Phase I Assessment consists of a records search and on-site inspection of the site by qualified experts. In some cases, a Phase I can also include some initial sampling. In all cases, it is completed thoroughly yet quickly so that your financial commitment and schedules are honored. On-site inspections are conducted by experienced personnel who know exactly what to look for. They look for conditions known to be indicators of costly environmental problems, and they look for compliance with key regulatory programs, particularly those related to petroleum and hazardous waste, underground storage tanks (USTs), and others.

A Phase II Subsurface Investigation is performed only when there are indications that areas of the property might pose an environmental problem or liability. This phase may consist of soil, groundwater, surface water, air and vegetation sampling. Analyses are subcontracted to an accredited laboratory, and comprehensive reports detailing the results of the analyses are supplied. Due to the sensitive nature of these studies, you can be assured of their confidentiality.

A Phase III Site Characterization and Cleanup occurs only when you decide to proceed with an acquisition despite environmental costs, or when you initiate a cleanup action on a property you presently own. At your request, MARLEY will develop the necessary work plan(s), schedule, and fee estimates for conducting a comprehensive site remediation. These plans also describe capital and operating cost estimates. With your approval, MARLEY can also prepare bid documents, solicit bids, retain contractors, and oversee remediation and site restoration.

Brownfields Restoration

It seems every town in America has a dilapidated industrial or commercial property whose redevelopment is crippled by real or potential RCRA/CERCLA liability. Redevelopment of these Brownfields provide many benefits to a blighted community, including an increased tax base, job creation, and utilization of an existing “vintage” infrastructure. But where do you start?

First, there are several sources of Federal, State and local funding for Brownfields redevelopment, including, but not limited to Brownfields Economic Development Initiative grants, Community Development Block Grants, Section 108 Loan Guarantees, Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities, SBA’s 504 loan program, historic rehabilitation tax credits, and the Economic Development Administration’s Title IX program. MARLEY can assist you with the grant/loan application process.

Once funding is in place, MARLEY will interface with EPA and State regulatory agencies on your behalf regarding requirements for property assessment, cleanup and transfer. We will perform the Phase I Site Assessment and Phase II/III Subsurface Investigation and Characterization necessary to develop cleanup scenarios and budget estimates prepared in a Remedial Work Plan. We will also prepare your Quality Assurance Project Plan (required for federally-funded projects). We can also prepare the technical plans and specifications, solicit contractor bids, and oversee every phase of the demolition and cleanup, including contractor health and safety.

NEPA EIS Support

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and its corresponding State policies require Federal and State agencies to assess the environmental effects of a proposed “action” (aka project) prior to making a decision to proceed with that “action”. The range of “actions” NEPA encompasses is broad but generally includes: (1) making decisions on permit applications, (2) adopting Federal/State land management actions, and (3) constructing highways and other publicly-owned facilities.

Using the NEPA process, Federal and State agencies must evaluate the environmental, social and economic effects of their proposed “action(s)” and invite the public to review and comment on the effects of those “actions” along the way. The environmental, social, and economic effects of the proposed “action” are eventually compiled in an Environmental Assessment (EA) for no or low-risk projects, and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for high-risk projects.

As a DBE-subconsultant, MARLEY has EA and EIS expertise documenting hazardous materials, land use, coastal and natural resources, and environmental justice neighborhoods.

Environmental Sampling

Got a quartely groundwater monitoring event or PCB Self Implementing site investigation but not enough staff to complete the task on a tight deadline? MARLEY can help you out in a pinch. We are fully insured and our staff are OSHA HAZWOPER-certified and fit-tested.

Sample matrices include soil, groundwater, storm water, surface water and sediment, drinking water, indoor and ambient air, soil gas, leachate seeps, and bulk and wipe samples. We can also support your sampling team with investigation derived waste (IDW) characterization, disposal profiling and manifesting.